Top 10 Free Background Remover Apps for Android in 2023

A Background Removal application is software designed specifically for Android devices to remove or modify the background of an image. These applications offer a variety of tools and features that allow users to eliminate distracting backgrounds from their photos resulting in a more personalized appearance.

The main purpose of these apps is to identify the subject in an image and separate it from its background. Some apps utilize AI or algorithms for detection, while others provide tools for a more hands-on approach. Additionally, many Background Removal apps offer options to replace the background with an image, color, or effect.

Background Removal apps are popular among photographers, graphic designers, social media enthusiasts, and casual users who wish to enhance their photos. By offering an accessible way to alter the backdrop of an image, these applications unlock possibilities for both personal and professional use on Android smartphones and tablets.

Importance of Background Removal

Removing the background goes beyond being an activity. It is a step for photographers, marketers, designers, and regular individuals who want to emphasize subjects to eliminate distractions or create harmonious designs. It's like a tool that adds a touch of magic to turn images into impressive works of art.

Relevance for Photographers and Graphic Designers

For photographers and graphic designers, having a powerful background remover is akin to wielding Excalibur. These tools open up endless image manipulation, branding, and aesthetic appeal possibilities. Gone are the days when expensive software was the only option. Android users can now access tools that deliver studio-quality results at zero cost.

There is an app for every task, and removing backgrounds is no exception. We have compiled a list of the 10 best background remover apps specifically designed for Android users ranging from standalone options to comprehensive image editing suites. Now let's explore the range of possibilities that these apps offer.

List Of The Best Background Remover Apps for Android in 2023


Background remover - boasts an intuitive AI-powered engine that detects subjects and removes backgrounds with surgical precision. Want more control? Manual adjustments are at your fingertips. Its capabilities extend to transparent background maker, bulk editing, making it a favorite among professionals.

Ease of use is the cornerstone of the background remover app - Even if you're a novice, you'll find the user interface friendly, with tutorials and prompts guiding you through every step to remove the background from your image 100% automatically in just 5 seconds.

The result? A flawless image tailored to your specifications.

Downloading and using is as simple as pie. Just head to the Play Store, tap the install button, and voila! You've unlocked a gateway to a world of endless creativity. Play around with the settings and discover the treasure trove of features awaiting you.

2. TouchRetouch

TouchRetouch: Remove Objects

Designed with precision in mind, TouchRetouch offers more than just background removal functionality. Its targeted image cropper tools allow you to manipulate images, eliminating unwanted objects and blemishes with finesse. It's the Swiss Army knife of mobile photo editing.

Navigating TouchRetouch is like a breeze on a warm summer day. Its interface is minimalistic yet feature-packed, making the app approachable for both beginners and seasoned editors. From tutorials to one-touch fixes, it's the epitome of convenience.

Embarking on your TouchRetouch Objects remover journey is a cinch. Download it from the Play Store, open an image, and let the app guide you through the rest. Experimentation is key, so don't be shy about tinkering with settings to achieve the perfect result.

3. Background Eraser

Background Eraser - Remove BG

Background Eraser doesn't just live up to its name—it excels in it. With a dedicated set of tools, it focuses solely on erasing and replacing backgrounds. Customizable brushes and an intuitive color picker make it a go-to option for users craving precision.

Simplicity is the hallmark of Background Eraser. With a minimalistic design and straightforward interface, it appeals to beginners and experts alike. Its sole focus on background removal makes it a potent tool without any distracting bells and whistles.

Installing Background Eraser is a straightforward affair. Search for it in the Play Store, download, and open your chosen image. The app guides you through the rest, making the process a walk in the park.

4. Magic Eraser

Magic Eraser - Remove Object

Magic Eraser lives up to its whimsical name, offering an enchanting experience in background removal. Its auto-detection algorithms coupled with manual refinement tools make it a versatile solution. Additional features like shadow effects add a magical touch to your creations.

Navigating Magic Eraser to remove object feels akin to a magical journey. Its well-designed interface, clear icons, and step-by-step guidance make editing a joyful experience. It's an app that turns mundane tasks into creative exploration.

Starting with Magic Eraser is like opening a spellbook. Download it from the Play Store, select your image, and follow the guided steps. Experiment with different brushes and effects to achieve the desired magic.

5. PhotoLayers


PhotoLayers isn't just a background remover; it's a comprehensive editing suite. Its ability to layer images, fine-tune adjustments, and create intricate compositions set it apart. It's an app that goes beyond mere background removal, opening doors to creative collage making.

With its wealth of features, PhotoLayers might seem daunting at first glance. However, the well-organized interface and detailed tutorials make it accessible to users of all levels. It's a playground for creativity, waiting to be explored.

Embarking on the PhotoLayers journey is as simple as downloading it from the Apps Play Store. Once installed, the app provides step-by-step guidance, letting you dive into layers, adjustments, and artistic creations. The possibilities are endless.

6. Ultimate Background Eraser

Ultimate Background Eraser

Ultimate Background Eraser is a robust tool designed for one purpose: removing backgrounds with ease. Its intelligent algorithms, coupled with manual refinement options, ensure precise editing. Whether it's a simple task or a complex project, this app is up to the challenge.

User experience with Ultimate Background Eraser is smooth and efficient. Its laser focus on background removal ensures that all tools are readily accessible. No clutter, no confusion, just pure editing prowess.

Getting started with Ultimate Background Eraser is effortless. Download it from the Play Store, choose your image, and let the app's intuitive interface guide you. It's a specialized tool, ready to deliver professional results.

7. Change Photo Background

Change Photo Background

Change Photo Background is more than just a background remover. It offers a wide array of replacement backgrounds, filters, and effects to transform your images. It’s a one-stop shop for personalizing photos and giving them a fresh, new look.

The app's interface is engaging and easy to navigate. With clear icons and a handy preview feature, Change Photo Background is accessible to users at all skill levels. It's about having fun with your photos and expressing your unique style.

Download Change Photo Background from the Play Store, select your image, and dive into the multitude of options available. Experiment with backgrounds, play with effects and create something uniquely yours.

8. Auto Background Remover

Auto Background Remover

Auto Background Remover is all about speed and convenience. As the name suggests, it employs automatic detection to remove backgrounds, but also offers manual tools for those seeking perfection. Its no-frills approach ensures that you get the job done swiftly and effectively.

If you’re in a hurry and need a fast solution, Auto Background Remover is the way to go. It's clean design and straightforward functionality allows you to remove backgrounds in mere seconds. It’s an app designed for efficiency, no matter your level of expertise.

Getting started with Auto Background Remover is a breeze. Just search for it in the Play Store, download it, and you're good to go. Open your chosen image, and let the app do its magic, or take control with manual adjustments.

9. Simple Background Changer

Simple Background Changer

Don't let the name fool you; Simple Background Changer offers a rich set of tools for background removal and replacement. With options to customize brushes, add text, and apply filters, it's a comprehensive solution for those seeking a bit more than the basics.

Despite its robust features, Simple Background Changer maintains an intuitive interface. With helpful guides and easy navigation, it’s suitable for both beginners and seasoned editors. It's a straightforward yet powerful tool.

Begin your journey with Simple Background Changer by downloading it from the Play Store. Once installed, you'll find that changing backgrounds is as simple as the name suggests, but with the added benefit of sophisticated controls.

10. Background Remover and Changer

Background Eraser and Changer

Background Remover and Changer is the all-rounder in the list. It combines the ease of automatic background removal with a plethora of creative options for background replacement, effects, and enhancements. It's a versatile tool for any creative endeavor.

With a perfect balance between automation and customization, Background Remover and Changer provides an enjoyable editing experience. The app caters to a wide audience, whether you're looking for quick fixes or in-depth editing.

Starting with Background Remover and Changer is like opening a creative toolbox. Just download it from the Play Store, and let your imagination run wild. The app's design ensures a seamless transition between tools, fostering your creative expression.

Final Thoughts

This exploration of the 10 best background remover apps for Android users has uncovered a world of creativity at your fingertips. From quick fixes to professional-grade tools, there's an app for every user.

For an all-around solid experience, Background Remover and Changer offer a balanced mix of features and usability. If speed is your priority, don’t overlook Auto Background Remover.

Background removal is a gateway to creative freedom, and these 10 apps bring that freedom to your Android device. Explore, experiment, and embrace the artistic possibilities. These apps have democratized a once-specialized task, making it accessible and fun for everyone. Enjoy your creative journey!

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